Painting & Remodeling

Serving the Surrounding
Metro Area


Carpentry and more

  • Repair siding
  • Repair overhang and trim board
  • Repair window sill/frame
  • Reglaze windows and window panes
  • Replace rotted sashes and doors
  • Flash sealing and repairs
  • Replace siding and trim
  • Replace windows
  • Finish basement
  • Remodel bathrooms and kitchens
  • Framing
  • Construct decks
  • Build interior trim moldings
  • Install hardwood floor

Sometimes one thing leads to another when you remodel

Often when painting, you discover there's repair work to do, on siding, trim boards, overhangs, etc. Because we offer complete services based on a broad background in construction, we save you the time and trouble of having to find multiple contractors. We bring any unforeseen problems to your immediate attention, and we offer solutions and resources. It’s an advantage to have a contractor who understands the big picture in your home.